• 14Aug

    Life after EduStars for Harness Handitouch

    When Subramanian Vishwananthan aka Subbu, presented his collaborative learning tool, Harness Handitouch , at EduStars last year, we saw an interesting solution that could take teaching beyond the classroom in a much more interactive manner. Harness Handitouch essentially got rid of the need of a black board and brought what the teacher’s note to each and every child in the class through their tablet devices.

    Since then, Harness Handitouch has gone on to raise a round of funding and has cracked quite a few deals, signing up schools to adopt his product, in India and abroad. So how has life been after winning EduStars last years? Well, here’s what he said -

    “Actually, along with EduStarts, we also had a chance to present at TechSparks within a span of 5 to 6 weeks and both events helped us get some attention in the VC community. We got to spend time with guys from Accel and Sequoia, which was a great thing. Apart from this, the coverage we got on YourStory gave us quite a few business inquires.”

    Between EduStars last year and now, Harness Handitouch has raised multiple small, strategic investments and have moved into international geographies, including Baharain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The product has also evolved quite a bit. Subbu says, “We now also offer a B2C variant of our product, called Unio which we developed at the Microsoft Accelerator. We’re going to launch in June. We’ve launched a first beta. Also, we’ve added distance learning and lecture capture features. Also, we’re working with large publishers in Spain and Latin america, who would bundle their content with our product to their audience.” harness_logo

    Subbu further shared that Harness Handitouch is now live with 6 customers. He says, “We’ve signed up some international schools in Mumbai, a university in Chennai and also some coaching institutes. All this has been great for us; we’re now cash flow positive.”

    However, this growth has not been without challenges. Subbu shared that raising capital from VCs is a challenge for an education startup like Harness Handitouch. He says, “Between seed and Series A, there is a long gap that a company like us sees. Businesses like us have a longer seed time and need more seed capital.” Subbu shared that they’ve figured out that partnering with strategic investors is the important part. He says, “We need investors who can open doors for us, who are also in for the long run.”

    As an EduStar winner, Subbu’s advice to others participating in this year’s edition is simple – “I think you just have to present with passion and speak your heart out. That worked for me. And if you don’t win, it isn’t the end of the world either. But there is no denying the visibility that it gave us and at an early stage, it can do a lot of good for your’s as well.”

    Check out Harness Handitouch and  more on Harness Handitouch  here.

    Image Courtesy : thenewpioneers.biz