• 11Sep

    EduStar of the month – Learning Outcomes!

    We were a little quite last week about EduStars. No, we had not gone on an extended getaway. You all kept us pretty busy with an overwhelming response and we were pretty active behind the scenes. Because of the sheer number of applications received in the first month, we had to push a bunch of them for review in the next month. We first want to congratulate each and every participant for their tireless efforts, new methodologies and innovative solutions to help empower education process in their own unique ways.

    After a careful, thorough screening of applications and multiple discussions among the jury, we chose five promising education startups for a one-on-one discussion with Accel Partners. We had a second round of conversation with the entrepreneurs and choosing the EduStar of the month was anything but  easy. Anand Daniel, Principal, Accel Partners, India said, “It was good to review startup efforts across a wide spectrum of the Education ecosystem – K12, Higher Education, Vocational training and EdTech Platforms. We had a reasonably tough time picking this month’s winner. Look forward to interacting with many more companies over the next couple of months”.

    Finally! We are very happy to announce that Learning Outcomes, Pune based ed-tech start-up that helps schools measure and track learning and teaching outcomes, is the EduStar of the month.


    Learning Outcomes - LO! helps you understand the “Story behind the Grade”. We empower schools to measure learning and teaching outcomes and convert routine school assessments into a personalised learning experience. We are keeping a little suspense here. Stay tuned for the story behind Learning Outcomes and a detailed interview with the founders – Rishi Kar and Aditya Kulkarni.


    Here is a glimpse of the other top 4 shortlisted education startups (in alphabetical order) and what they had to say about their ventures

    creatistCreatist (Career Aces Mentoring Solutions Private Limited) – Creati.st is an intuitive, active learning enterprise tool that allows instructors to implement blended learning , by shifting focus from traditional lecture delivery to ensuring student learning and classroom engagement. It aids instructors with a number of real-time tools and addresses issues related to learning/teaching, while trying to incorporate technology in teaching processes with an easy to use interface.


    Creya Learning – Creya is about an effort to inculcate life skills, application oriented problem solving skills, creativity and innovation in our young generation. These skills are neglected at school and we rue lack of these skills in our graduates when they come up for hiring. With an innovative delivery -­ curriculum and training, transformation happens at multiple-­levels starting from “In Classroom” moving to “In School” and eventually to entire ‘Education System” making this a harbinger of national change.

    DiviDivi Learning Solutions – Divi offers a tablet based learning solution to be used by students and teachers inside as well as outside classrooms. Divi helps students learn and educators teach better in classrooms – using personal tablets and Wi-Fi systems. It does to learning what the iPod did to music. For teachers, it’s like a control panel to the classroom.


    Mobule – Mobule is an edustart up company which is in the process of making a product called EduTab. EduTab is a solution combined with the power of tablets enabling cutting edge interactive learning experience reinventing the conventional educational system that existed for ages. Our mission is to replace the blackboards and notebooks from the conventional classrooms and to invent a revolutionary product that will enhance the students productivity and making sure the usage of perfect digital contents in classrooms.

    Note: EduStars campaign is targeted towards early-stage startups in education space that are not yet funded. If you are a startup that has already raised institutional financing, then we encourage you to reach out to kirti@yourstory.in to share your story on EduStars platform. Please do not apply for the program. We are focusing to help recognize emerging startups that are not yet funded through EduStars. EduStar is possible with the the continued support of Intel and Accel Partners.